About us

Atelier Tutors, Inc. provides quality concierge-style, in-home, one-on-one academic tutors to students in grades K through 12 and beyond. We have been serving the Los Angeles area since the year 2000 and have built a stellar reputation within our niche clientele. Through our consistent practice of professionalism, respect, kindness, and honesty, we are proud of our solid record in establishing long-term relationships with both our families and our tutors.

Why an atelier? Why Atelier?

In Europe, an atelier (a French word pronounced “ah-tail-ye”) is an artist’s or an artisan’s studio, a specialized workshop. In Los Angeles, Atelier is a learning studio where students and tutors work as partners toward a common goal.

Who are we?

Atelier was envisioned by educator Silvana Horn in 2000 in response to a growing demand for customized one-on-one academic support.

Silvana holds Masters degrees in Education from Loyola Marymount University and French from Istituto Universitario di Lingue Moderne, Milan, Italy, as well as current California Teaching Credentials. She taught both Modern and Classical European languages at a few prestigious private schools, including the Archer School for Girls and Brentwood School.

Realizing the advantages of one-on-one instruction, Silvana founded Atelier to help students master the skills needed to succeed in today's competitive academic environment. Thanks to the knowledge and hands-on experience acquired through years of teaching and tutoring, Silvana has developed a unique talent for recruiting the most qualified tutors. Additionally, Silvana’s natural ability to establish a personal rapport with her families has proven invaluable.

About our exceptional client service

We offer a concierge-style client service:

  • When you contact our office, we will listen carefully to your concerns and help you determine whether tutoring is right for your child.
  • We are small enough to know you, your child, and each one of our tutors. Yet, we are big enough to have a team of tutors with different skills and specialties, allowing us to find the right match for your child.
  • We care. We return calls, emails, and texts promptly.
  • We often are able to fulfill last-minute requests for tutoring. Did your child just get home concerned about tomorrow’s test? Call us and we may be able to send you a professional the same day.
  • We submit one invoice per month – no need to write a check at every session.
  • Through our password-protected portal, you can access lesson notes, calendar, your tutor’s contact information, and view your bill.
  • We are here for you when you have concerns. We can brainstorm together to maximize the effectiveness of the tutoring sessions, whether that requires something as simple as changing the meeting time, or having the tutor change some strategies to better fit your child’s personality and learning style, or even changing tutors.

Our approach

Different tutors for different goals

We understand that families ask for tutoring help for a variety of reasons and we assign tutors accordingly. We work with students who:

  • Are doing well in a subject but want to excel.
  • Need a hand getting organized and develop their executive functioning skills.
  • Do not understand the subject matter and/or do not have an aptitude for a specific subject.
  • Need to “fill in the gaps” created by an extended absence or change of schools.
  • Are gifted and wish to explore beyond the boundaries of their classrooms.
  • Have a learning disability, and require special attention and strategies to stay on track.
  • Are home-schooled and/or take online courses.
  • Are preparing to take a particular test, such as the ISEE, AP, etc.
  • Simply work better guided one-on-one by an experienced educator.

Different tutors for different learning styles

Securing the right tutor for your child is of paramount importance to us. We pair students with tutors whose teaching styles and personalities can best motivate them. Your input is priceless, as nobody knows your child better than you do. Your observations and our expertise will result in a great match. We'll spend the necessary time on the phone to:

  • Discuss your child's needs and goals.
  • Learn from you about your child's strengths, habits, fears, interests, likes and dislikes.
  • Share our extensive experience about what works and what doesn't.
  • Brainstorm to form a plan of action.

The beauty of one-on-one

Every student needs something different. For example, not all algebra tutoring is the same. Some students need to review the basics; others need to focus on their test-taking skills; yet others need to work on slowing their pace to avoid careless mistakes. Our tutors excel at diagnosing what is needed.

Additionally, although your child may go to a wonderful school with great teachers, sometimes it is the large group setting that doesn't work. It may not be the teacher's fault. We collaborate with many school teachers at the most reputable schools. They are wonderful educators who realize that, at times, individualized tutoring outside of school is needed.

Only the best tutors

We work hard to attract, support, and keep the best educators. We regularly interview and screen many tutors, but we retain only those who meet our strict standards of professionalism, knowledge, and empathy. Each Atelier tutor represents a unique combination of talent, achievement, and enthusiasm. We have males and females; young and mature; sweet and no-nonsense; tutors with a great sense of humor and tutors who know all about teenage music or are into sports; native speakers and non-native speakers who know the challenges of learning a foreign language; super patient tutors; “let's-get-it done-now” tutors; creative tutors; very organized tutors; bubbly tutors; shy-but-who-inspire-calmness tutors. Mostly, we have the one tutor who will meet your child's needs!

If for any reason you or your child requests a different tutor, Atelier will be happy to make a prompt change. Sometimes it is just a question of “chemistry”.

More about our tutors:

  • Many hold advanced degrees. All of them are experts in their field.
  • They are excellent communicators who know how to engage and motivate young minds.
  • They are adept at making difficult concepts easy to understand and at helping students develop a deeper level of comprehension and understanding.
  • They create a nurturing and positive experience for the student.
  • Upon request and with parents' permission, they can work with your child's school teachers and counselors to tailor a study plan


I have been using Atelier Tutors for my 3 kids for many years. It seems that whatever the kids need in the moment, Atelier can find the solution. My daughter needed a tutor for the ISEE test and years later has the same tutor for many subjects. My other kids have had differing needs and we are always presented with passionate, engaging tutors to help with the issue at hand. Atelier takes the time to get to know the kid's personalities and needs before sending anyone out and they have never gone wrong. I am very grateful for the years of great service which have immensely benefited my kids! Eve Makoff, Harvard-Westlake School parent
We have been extremely grateful and impressed with our experience working with Atelier Tutors. Over the years, Atelier Tutors has been uniquely responsive, always quick to find us the highest quality tutor on a last moment’s notice. The tutors employed by Atelier are experienced scholars and teachers. Finally, and most importantly, Atelier Tutors always follows up with us to see if we are satisfied and will gladly find someone else if the person was not a good match for our child. We give Atelier Tutors our highest praise and commendation. Julie Cohen, Brentwood School parent
I’ll be honest here. I long told my kids we were not really a “tutor family.” When you run into trouble, ask the teacher, study the textbooks, figure it out! Then came Chemistry and Calculus — and cold sweat and panic. Once I started hunting for a tutor, Silvana’s name came up again and again. I quickly learned why. She has assembled a fantastic group of tutors. They are unfailingly prompt and efficient, and know their subjects inside-out. They’re even fun to have around! With patience and humor, they've helped my son and daughter understand even the most difficult material and make the most of their high school experience. I have also been extremely impressed by how quickly Silvana responds to our (sometimes last-minute) requests for help, as well as her follow-up texts: "How was the tutor?" Our answer every time has been, "Excellent! We could not be happier!” Thank you, thank you, thank you, Silvana. Moye Thompson, Palisades Charter High School parent
Thank you for helping us to find such a wonderful tutor for our son Leo. One month into first grade we realized he was not up to grade standard with his reading and upon reaching out to you we were promptly connected with Jordan and she helped dramatically to get Leo feeling confident with his reading. Within a few months Leo's teacher noticed his fluency level improving and his overall confidence and love of reading began to really develop.
I hate to think where we would be now had we not had Jordan's help. Thank you for only working with true professionals who really know how to work with children and make he work fun and not a chore. Chevonne Silverman, Canyon Charter School parent
Atelier Tutors was recommended to us by Compass when we were in need of an academic tutor for our daughter, who was struggling with her French program at school. We wanted a native speaker who could engage our daughter, and simplify the process of learning a second language. Atelier came through impeccably. Not only did they deliver all of our requirements, but our daughter is now a confident, successful student who is fluently speaking and writing in her French 4 class. She will be taking AP French in the fall. Since our initial contact, Atelier has also found us a perfect pre-calculus instructor as well. He delivered a laid-back, realistic program which will help my daughter achieve positive results, without increasing the notorious stress load of the junior year. We couldn't be happier with the level of service and attendance to our needs that Atelier Tutors has provided our family. Patricia Flournoy, Viewpoint School parent
I can wholeheartedly recommend Atelier Tutors - and I have many times over to my parent-friends. Silvana took the time to learn the personalities and study-styles of both our children, and never failed to match them with tutors that fit their particular needs at the time. As classes changed and new challenges arose, Atelier Tutors was very flexible in providing different channels of academic support – even on short notice. I always know that Silvana and her team will be there to provide a solution that combines excellence in tutoring, caring counsel, and a personalized approach to each of our children. Atelier Tutors has been an invaluable asset on our children's academic journey to college and beyond. Anna Lefler, The Buckley School parent
Bethany was fabulous and was a great fit for Mathieu and our family. She was super friendly, compassionate for the stress that he's under and was extremely efficient with her time. I wish we would've found her earlier in the year and will certainly recommend her to other families looking for excellent history tutors. It is been so wonderful working with your company and have nothing but high marks. Connie Harrison, Loyola High School parent
Atelier Tutors has been wonderful for our family. Our tutors, especially Cristina, Reed, and Lovell, have all been patient and kind with an exceptional understanding of the subject matter. We have had tutors for homework and schoolwork, for standardized test preparation and for enrichment. They have had a very good rapport with our children and have prepared them well. They have been very prompt, communicative and professional. Silvana has been extremely helpful in determining what type of tutoring would best suit my children’s needs and finding a tutor with the needed skill set. The sessions are flexible so there is no need to commit to a certain number of sessions or the same day and time each week. I have enthusiastically recommended Atelier Tutors to my friends looking for some extra help for their children. Hilary, Palisades Charter Elementary School and Palisades Charter High School parent
Atelier has a knack for providing tutors who are both deeply talented and also able to relate to teenagers on a personal level, making their tutoring all the more effective. Atelier is timely, responsive and always on the mark. We count ourselves so lucky to have found Silvana and her team. Richard Schulte, The Archer School for Girls parent
We have been working with Atelier Tutors for four years. Silvana is fantastic—very responsive, professional, friendly, and she has incredible tutors in all subject areas. We have used Atelier Tutors for numerous AP classes. These tutors have helped my children get As in the most challenging classes and 5s on the AP tests. Every tutor has been personable and of the highest caliber in their subject areas. I only trust Atelier to locate excellent tutors for my children. D.G., Sierra Canyon School parent
Bryan was terrific. Katie said she really liked him and she got a lot out of their hour together. He seems to have a way of presenting the concepts that is accessible to her and doesn't make the material seem overwhelming.
To be honest we used another tutoring company years ago and were so underwhelmed by the tutors that I was reluctant to try one again. Not the case here! We were so pleased by Bryan that I've referred Atelier (and Bryan) to the kids in Katie's class who are also struggling. Alysoun Higgins, The Episcopal School of Los Angeles (ESLA) parent
I found Atelier to be not only professional and very helpful in finding the right tutor for my child, but extremely caring, concerned, understanding and non-judgmental when discussing my concerns. My son hit it off famously with his tutor and we couldn't have been more pleased with her. I would recommend Atelier to anyone who seriously wants to help their child reach their educational goals. N. Gold, Portola Middle School parent
Our daughter just finished her freshman year at The Archer School for Girls. We have relied on Silvana and Atelier Tutors for the past three years and I could not recommend anyone more highly. The personal attention and care with which each tutor was selected for our daughter is absolutely fantastic. Personality types as well as learning styles have always been thoughtfully considered when making a match with our daughter. The tutors have also been highly educated and well trained. With Atelier the sincerity is real and the caring is genuine. Karen D., The Archer School for Girls parent
Atelier tutors are the best, cheerful, warm and understanding of a child's needs. We have used Silvana's tutors several times for different needs and have always been very happy. Silvana knows her clients and provides an experienced tutor with the personality and background suited to the need of each child. Everyone I have recommended Atelier to loves their child's tutor. Mary-Dorothy Line, PS#1 parent
I have been using Atelier Tutors for my three children for five years. I have never been disappointed with the quality of tutors that have come to our home. They were all upbeat, knowledgeable, and my kids have always performed better after the help. If any problems arose, the office addressed them rapidly and with dignity. I feel like I can call Silvana and Jeremy and they will always work quickly to find tutors. I have referred friends and they have all been extremely grateful for this fabulous source! Atelier is truly a gold mine for parents that need any kind of academic help for their children! Michele Rubin, Harvard-Westlake, The Archer School for Girls, and Beverly Hills High School parent
Atelier sent one of the best tutors we've had for AP Chemistry. The young lady was truly devoted to my son's success on the AP Exam, and he earned a five. She was reliable, flexible in her scheduling, and very knowledgeable. We couldn't have asked for more. S.F., Viewpoint School parent
My son is 16 now and he met Alexandra approximately one year ago. She tutors him once a week. I was not very heartened when my son chose French but once Alexandra came on, his attitude toward French changed. He became much more engaged and has done far better than I’d hoped in a very tough class with a very tough teacher. He really looks forward to his sessions with Alexandra. Somehow, she has been able to engage completely with a boy who’d rather be playing world of warcraft. I recommend her with no reservations. Julia Azrael, Oakwood School parent
I have had the pleasure of working with Atelier Tutors for the past three years with my two children. Throughout that time and in many varied subjects, I have found the tutors to be of the highest quality and very attuned to the needs of my children. Moreover, the tutors have always been quite flexible if the schedules of my children change or if a sudden quiz or test emerges. I recommend them highly. Rae Diamond, The Buckley School parent
We are so happy with the tutors you have sent us over the years. My daughter looks forward to her reading teachers! At the end of 2nd grade she had a cumulative spelling test on which she got 96%! ! I believe this is due to the heads-up on some of the spelling rules she got during her fun tutoring lessons. Thank you! Helen Zimmelman, Village School parent
Atelier tutors are outstanding. They are knowledgeable educators who know how to assist students so that they are capable of reaching their full potential. Both of my children have had tutoring in college prep math classes. This assistance has given them confidence in math and they consistently earn A's on assessments and in their math classes. My son Zach has a Spanish tutor. Natividad is exceptional. She has helped my son learn Spanish; in fact, he was rewarded with the Most Improved Spanish 1 student last year. I know that it is Natividad dedication to her students that helped Zach achieve this goal. I highly recommend Atelier Tutors. They are indeed experts in education. Elizabeth Topkis, The Archer School for Girls and Pacific Hills School parent
Atelier Tutors has been very professional and committed to my son and me. They were very responsive and quick to getting someone to me right away that was a perfect fit for my then Kindergartener. Now that my son is in First Grade he is at grade level thanks to one of their highly knowledgeable tutors. I cannot thank the tutor and the company enough. My son's confidence in reading and writing has massively improved. Erika Lee, Westwood Charter School parent
What I like most about Atelier is no matter how last minute my request is for a tutor, they always send someone who is extremely well qualified, friendly and helpful. Stefanie Saperstein, Harvard-Westlake School graduate
Atelier helped me find truly exceptional tutors for my daughter for Math and Chemistry. Not only were the tutors wonderful teachers, but Silvana is very committed and was unusually prompt in turning around our requests, often on very short notice. Diane Liebenson, Mira Costa High School parent
I really can't say enough good things about Atelier Tutors. I have always had a tutor that is on time, nice, really works to break down the material, and is always trying to figure out ways that I will grasp the subject matter best. Even when I have called for same-day lessons, Atelier has always come through for me. They have amazing tutors and incredible founders. Atelier is truly an agency I can rely on. They follow up after a session, and the few times that I have not entirely "clicked" with a tutor, they have listened to my thoughts, and tried for a better match, successfully every time. In short, they're the best! Mimi Gianopulos, The Archer School for Girls graduate
Silvana's tutor Lauren made learning Spanish so easy, and I had great success. I needed to learn a full year of Spanish 1a during the summer so that I'd be ready to start my new school and be up to speed with the rest of the class who would be in Spanish 1b. Well, on the first day of school, I almost felt like a geek because I was the only one in class who knew every single answer. Samantha Rosenwald, The Archer School for Girls graduate
Cynthia and my son have such a nice relationship. He really enjoys working with her and has made tremendous progress in just a short amount of time. Karen M., Wildwood School parent
Atelier Tutors helped bridge the gap from hearing to understanding. Their comprehensive tutoring methods brought me to understand each concept to a degree where I could ultimately teach others. It's that deeper level of comprehension that helped me appreciate learning even more. Erin D., 12th grader, Mira Costa High School graduate

Subjects and fees

Pre-Kindergarten – 5th Grade

  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • Penmanship
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing
  • Mathematics


  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Trigonometry
  • Integrated Math
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Math Analysis
  • Calculus
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC
  • Statistics
  • AP Statistics


  • Grammar and Writing Mechanics
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Essay Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Literature
  • AP English Language and Composition
  • AP English Literature


  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Latin
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • AP Spanish Language and Literature
  • AP French Language and Literature
  • AP Italian Language and Culture
  • AP Latin Language and Literature
  • AP Japanese Language and Culture
  • AP Chinese Language and Culture

Executive Function Skills

  • Homework support
  • Organizational skills
  • Planning and prioritization
  • Test-taking skills
  • Note-taking
  • Study habits
  • Task initiation and completion


  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • AP Biology
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Physics 1
  • AP Physics 2
  • AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
  • AP Physics C: Mechanics
  • AP Environmental Science


  • Ancient
  • European
  • United States
  • World
  • AP European History
  • AP US History
  • AP World History


  • Standardized Test Prep
  • College application essays
  • AP Macroeconomics
  • AP Microeconomics
  • AP Computer Science A
  • AP Computer Science AB
  • AP Art History
  • AP US Government & Politics
  • AP Comparative Government & Politics
  • AP Human Geography
  • AP Psychology
  • AP Music Theory
  • ESL

College Courses and beyond

Although our focus is school-age children, we offer tutoring for college level courses, usually done online.

Special Needs

Please call us to discuss your child’s individual needs. We have a few highly qualified special education tutors who may be available to assist you. Fees may vary.

Our Fees

Regular academic (non AP) subjects:

grades pre-K through 6 $125/hr
grades 7 through 12 $135/hr

Please inquire about our fees for:

  • AP level courses
  • College courses
  • Standardized Test Prep
  • College Applications Essays

Cancellation policy

When an appointment is made, time has been set aside from the tutor's schedule. Should you need to chancel or change an existing appointment, please contact your tutor or the office 24 hours in advance to avoid a charge.

Academic honesty policy

We embrace a comprehensive academic honesty policy. School administrators and teachers recommend Atelier Tutors to their students because they know we uphold the highest standards of integrity. Our tutors may provide assistance, but they never do the work. This policy provides parents with peace of mind, as they know their child is getting the right kind of assistance, one that will truly help him learn.


When working with students on their executive function skills, our tutors tackle assignments across the curriculum and focus on these key skills rather than on subject-related content. By modeling and teaching customized organizational and study strategies, they coach students to improve on their executive weaknesses, be more productive, and enjoy an overall better academic experience.

This type of assistance can be instrumental for students with difficulties with one or more of the following skills needed to successfully navigate school:

  • Task Initiation
  • Assignment Completion
  • Sustained Attention
  • Working Memory
  • Study Strategies
  • Creation of Systems and Routines
  • Organization
  • Planning and Prioritization

Feel free to contact us. We are happy to listen to your concerns, discuss your goals, and establish if we believe we can help your child.

Online Workshops

View our offerings by name, subject, or grade level. Each session is limited to six students and is one hour in duration. All times are Pacific Standard Time (PST). For more information about the classes and instructors, please contact us at 310-477-9510 or office@ateliertutors.com.

Workshop name Subject Grade in 2020-21
Ginormous Fish, Talking Dogs, Pet Whales: Fact or Fiction? K-5 K-1
This is a three-day workshop series. During each one-hour meeting, we will read one book. The students will use oral discussion, writing, illustration, and games to defend their point of view. The workshop will culminate in a Pet Parade where the students will share their writing and their pets - real, stuffed, or photographic!
“A Fish Out of Water” by Helen Palmer 6/25 at 10:30AM
“Martha Speaks” by Susan Meddaugh 7/2 at 10:30AM
“Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem” by Mac Barnett 7/9 at 10:30AM
Fee for series: $150
Fun with Italian! K-5 2-4
This is a four-week workshop that will get children exposed to the basics of the Italian language. In each of our one-hour sessions we learn a topic through games, such as memory matching, click and tell, word wheel and quizzes. This workshop is for beginners.
Session 1 06/24 at 9:30AM
Session 2 07/01 at 9:30AM
Session 3 07/08 at 9:30AM
Session 4 07/15 at 9:30AM
Fee for series: $200
Let's get Baking: Using math in the kitchen K-5 4-5
Use the math skills you are learning in school and apply them to the real world. For one hour, we are going to practice 4th and 5th grade fraction and measurement standards from the comfort of your own kitchen. And...after all your hard work you'll get to reward yourself with a tasty treat. No cooking experience required. We will send the list of ingredients needed.
Let’s get baking 7/10 at 2:00PM
Fee: $50
3D Game Design In Unity Computer science 8-11
In this four (4) one-hour workshop series, students will create a fully functional 3rd person open world exploration game in Unity and publish it to the web (a Web GL build). Students will learn the basics of 3d character design and object oriented programming.

Requirements: Computer with at least 6GB of RAM, a non integrated graphics card, and at least 2GHZ processor. Most laptops built after 2016 will meet these specifications.
Session 1 6/29 at 4:30PM
Session 2 6/30 at 4:30PM
Session 3 7/1 at 4:30PM
Session 4 7/2 at 4:30PM
Fee for series: $200
Get ready for AP Computer Science A Computer science 9-12
This four (4) one-hour workshop series is designed for students who plan to take AP Computer Science A in the Fall. We will learn the basics of Java and object-oriented programming, as well as the College Board parameters for the AP Computer Science A exam.
Session 1 7/6 at 1:30PM
Session 2 7/7 at 1:30PM
Session 3 7/8 at 1:30PM
Session 4 7/9 at 1:30PM
Fee for series: $200
Get ready for AP Computer Science Principles Computer science 9-12
This four (4) one-hour workshop series is designed for students who plan to take AP Computer Principles in the Fall. We will learn the basics of pseudo code and algorithm design, and end with an introduction to Python. We will also discuss how to create your AP Digital Portfolio, as well as as the College Board parameters for the AP Computer Principles exam.
Session 1 7/20 at 1:30pm
Session 2 7/21 at 1:30PM
Session 3 7/22 at 1:30PM
Session 4 7/23 at 1:30PM
Fee for series: $200
Summer Young Adult Book Club:
Stories of love, loss, and growing up
English 8-10
These one-hour workshops can be taken individually or as a series. Find adventure and companionship through this summer at home. This book club is meant to inspire a love for reading and book discussions. We will read highly engaging books that spark our imaginations and reflections.
“Eleanor and Park” by Rainbow Rowell 7/1 at 1:00PM
“The Sun is Also a Star” by Nicola Yoon 7/16 at 1:00PM
“Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe” by Benjamin Alire Saenz 7/30 at 1:00PM
Fee per session: $50
College Prep Book Club: Novels on the African Diaspora and African-American experience English 10-12
These one-hour workshops can be taken individually or as a series. This book club offers high schoolers contemporary African and African-American authors who provide us opportunities for rich literary analysis. Books are selected to be highly engaging and academically rigorous.
“Homecoming” by Yaa Gyas 7/1 at 2:30PM
“Half a Yellow Sun” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche 7/16 at 2:30PM
“The Underground Railroad” by Colson Whitehouse 7/30 at 2:30PM
Fee per session: $50
AP US, European and World History essay-writing headstart History 10-11
These one-hour workshops can be taken individually or as a series and are designed for students entering any AP History class. Participants will familiarize themselves with the specific writing skills needed to score a 5 on the AP exam. Students will learn how to read the rubrics for the AP essays and how to write in order to score points in the Short Answer Questions, Long Essay Questions, and Document Based Questions. Students will also receive individualized feedback on their work.
Studying and Note-taking 6/22 at 11:00AM
Short Answer Questions 6/29 at 11:00AM
Writing a Thesis for the LEQ 7/6 at 11:00AM
Writing an LEQ 7/13 at 11:00AM
Document Analysis for the DBQ 7/20 at 11:00AM
Writing a DBQ 7/27 at 11:00AM
Pacing 8/3 at 11:00AM
Fee per session: $50
Get Ready for AP US History History 11
This is a two-day workshop series. During these one-hour sessions, the instructor will explain the various parts of the AP US History exam, how to effectively complete homework reading, address key historical thinking skills needed to thrive, introduce an easy way to remember categories of analysis, as well as a simple formula for writing a sophisticated historical thesis.
Exam sections and reading strategies 7/2 at 3:00PM
Categories of analysis and writing a thesis 7/9 at 3:00PM
Fee for series: $100
Women in Math Math 6-8
In this one-hour workshop, we will learn and discuss the role of women in the history of mathematics. From Hypatia to Gabriela Gonzales, we will take a brief look at the contributions various women have made in the field of mathematics.
Women in Math 7/30 at 10:30AM
Fee: $50
Get Ready for Algebra 1 Math 7-8
These one-hour workshops can be taken individually or as a series. We will cover the prerequisite skills to start Algebra 1 with confidence.
Greatest Common Factor / Least Common Multiple 7/3 at 10:30AM
Integer addition and subtraction 7/10 at 10:30AM
Fraction Operations 7/17 at 10:30AM
Exponents and Radicals 7/24 at 10:30AM
Geometry formulas and vocabulary 7/31 at 10:30AM
Fee per session: $50
Modeling Equations with real word examples Math 8-10
This one-hour workshop is designed for students who have completed Algebra 1. Modeling equations is a great skill to have for standardized tests and general problem solving. We will look at real word examples to determine if data is Linear, Quadratic, or Exponential.
Modeling equations 6/30 at 11:00AM
Fee: $50
Get Ready for Algebra 2: Fun with Quadratics! Math 9-11
This is a two-day workshop series designed for students entering Algebra 2. Quadratics are a foundation in Algebra and the techniques you learn will be applied in upper levels of math. Learn insider tips on how to determine the shape of a graph before you do any work! Review FOIL and factoring, completing the square, vertex form to standard form, quadratic formula, how to break down a quadratic to sketch a graph, applying translations, word problems, and more.
Session 1 7/8 at 4:30PM
Session 2 7/15 at 4:30PM
Fee for series: $100
Get ready for Pre-calculus and Math Analysis Math 10-12
These one-hour workshops can be taken individually or as a series. Students will review topics from Algebra 2 that will reappear in PreCalc, such as special right triangles, the unit circle, graphing...and what on green earth is a radian? Find out!
Special right triangles, unit circle, radians 7/7 at 3:00PM
Graphing quadratics and trig functions 7/14 at 3:00PM
Introduction to trig identities 7/21 at 3:00PM
Fee per session: $50
Get ready for Calculus Math 11-12
These one-hour workshops can be taken individually or as a series. Designed for students entering regular, honors or AP Calc AB. Ease into calculus by learning the fundamentals before school even starts. Once you see how easy it is, you’ll wonder why they didn’t teach this to you sooner!
Determine limits 7/15 at 11:00AM
Derivatives 7/16 at 11:00AM
Fee per session: $50
The Science of Baking Bread Science 9-12
In this one-hour lab activity we will get our hands dirty by making a dough and learning about the biology and chemistry of bread, including proteins, yeast, fermentation, and gas reactions. Everyone loves to eat bread, but not everyone knows how much science goes on behind the scenes. No cooking experience required. We will send the list of ingredients needed.
The Science of Making Bread 6/27 at 2:00PM
Fee: $50
Get ready for AP Biology Science 10-12
These one-hour workshops can be taken individually or as a series. They are designed to get you ready for your AP Biology class in the Fall, learning crucial content without the stress of tests and grades. Learn the key topics covered in AP Biology and be ahead of the game when school starts. Emphasis will be on review and application to different scientific scenarios.
Genetics and patterns of inheritance 7/7 at 11:00AM
Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration 7/14 at 11:00AM
DNA replication, transcription and translation 7/21 at 11:00AM
DNA technology 7/28 at 11:00AM
Fee per session: $50
Get Ready for Spanish 2 Spanish 9-10
These one-hour workshops can be taken individually or as a series. We will review the fundamental grammar covered in level 1. We will also work on conversational skills by describing our routines in the present tense, expressing personal likes and dislikes, and making comparisons.
Ser vs Estar and question words 6/29 at 3:30PM
Present progressive and “-ir a + infinitive” 7/6 at 3:30PM
Gustar and direct / indirect object 7/13 at 3:30PM
Por vs para and reflexive verbs 7/20 at 3:30PM
Comparative and negative expressions 7/27 at 3:30PM
Fee per session: $50
Get Ready for Spanish 3 Spanish 10-11
These one-hour workshops can be taken individually or as a series. On Mondays, we will review the fundamental grammar covered in level 2. On Wednesdays, we will work on conversational skills using the grammar covered in the previous session
The Preterite vs. the Imperfect 7/6 at 5:00PM
Conversation 7/8 at 5:00PM
Future and Conditional 7/13 at 5:00PM
Conversation 7/15 at 5:00PM
Present Subjunctive and impersonal expressions 7/20 at 5:00PM
Conversation 7/22 at 5:00PM
Present Perfect Indicative with direct/indirect objects 7/27 at 5:00PM
Conversation 7/29 at 5:00PM
Fee per session: $50
Get ready for AP Spanish and Advanced Conversational Spanish Spanish 11-12
These one-hour workshops can be taken individually or as a series. Emphasis will be put on advanced conversation, using the thematic units laid out by the College Board and used in the AP Spanish Exam (global challenges, science and technology, contemporary life, beauty and aesthetics, public and private identity, family and society)
Los desafíos mundiales 7/1 at 3:30PM
La ciencia y la tecnología 7/8 at 3:30PM
Vida contemporánea 7/15 at 3:30PM
Identidad personal y publica 7/22 at 3:30PM
Las familias y las comunidades 7/29 at 3:30PM
La belleza y la estética 7/31 at 3:30PM
Fee per session: $50